Ayia Napa holiday

So it turns out that I’ve lost the first blog post…well it actually just disappeared… so second time lucky, there are probably some minor changes to the original, sorry!!

The trio!

This holiday has been a long time coming and we, the trio, had been waiting for it since February! We couldn’t wait to be in the sun all day long just relaxing and more importantly, drinking…a lot!

We landed in Ayia Napa at around 10pm so we didn’t really have a chance to see or do anything in the daylight anyway. This meant we had a lot of waiting around to do at Stansted airport which was long.

For the first couple of days we relaxed by the pool side and took in our surroundings so we could get used to everything. On the third day we all went to Nissi Beach where we stayed all day and just sun bathed, apart from me who can’t catch a tan and I did burn instead 🙂

Nissi Beach

The next day was Sunday and we got conned, somehow, to buy tickets for Sunday Sessions on the beach at Cafe del Mar. Although, having said that, we were promised a free bottle of champagne BUT because we, the girls, were so late we didn’t get one so we just drank the boys’ instead 🙂 The music was good and the sun was setting on the beach and it was such a lovely way to spend the evening with a great group of people.


The Group
Sunset on Cafe del Mar beach







For the next few days, we just sat around by the pool again and carried on going out at night! In all honesty we spent most of the day trying to recover!! So Wednesday soon came around and the boys left in the morning. It was sad waving the boys off after a crazy week but we went back to the pool and just stayed there. We had originally said that we weren’t going to go out that night, but obviously, that soon changed and we got ready to go to Aqua. It was a great last night and a great end to the holiday and also the free bar was very much worth it! 😉

Emma and I

After quickly packing all our things up in the room because we were really late, we were down by the pool with all our luggage! Our transfer to the airport wasn’t coming until 7pm so we had a lot of time to kill just lounging around by the pool. After quite a long and boring day, we had finally made it back to Stansted, where we then had to wait an HOUR to get our baggage as there was a problem. It was about 2am and you could imagine that we were all tired and just wanted to get home now.

We all had an amazing holiday and it was a very very good week and honestly, can’t wait to do it all again next year!