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My Favourite Vloggers of 2017

Welcome back!!! For this week in my blog, I shall be sharing with you who is my all time favourite Youtubers and bloggers!! So buckle up and lets get started!!! Coming in at number 5 is:   Louise Pentland : and I stumbled upon Lousie’s channel a while back when it came up as a …


Dealing with A-Levels

Welcome back!! This week is all about A-levels, I know its not particularly fun…but its tips for the survival of the dreaded A-levels and I’ve been through it so you don’t have to! 🙂 I know this is an early post as A-level exams don’t start until next year but this is a head start …



So, yesterday (15th September 2017) I went to visit a psychic. And I know some of you will be thinking what the hell and others will be thinking hell yeah thats cool…and it was. Admittedly I was SO nervous before going that I was actually shaking! Anyway, I went with Lydia, and she had been …