Dealing with A-Levels

Welcome back!! This week is all about A-levels, I know its not particularly fun…but its tips for the survival of the dreaded A-levels and I’ve been through it so you don’t have to! ūüôā I know this is an early post as A-level exams don’t start until next year but this is a head start for you guys!!

Preparing for year 12:

Moving from year 11 to 12 is a hell of a jump so believe your teachers when they tell you that! The workload increases and so does the intensity of, well everything! To make sure that you feel fully prepared make sure that you make a list of everything that you will need! This can be from books to stationary as I personally think that one can never have too much stationary!! I think that the best idea is to make a list of everything that you need from pens to new clothing as the dress code in Sixth Forms is usually smart dress. If you make a list and stick to it then you will be all set for year 12!! Also, review your subject choices thoroughly because this is something I did not do…and I wasted a full year doing a subject which I dropped in year 13. Make sure that you do not give yourself such a hard time and take subjects in which you enjoy and if you can, talk to your teachers about subjects before you pick them!

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Committing time to A-Levels:

This is something I found particularly hard to be honest. I would often complete a lot of work at home and at school but I found it hard to get started, but once I did, it was fine. The biggest killer was sacrificing hobbies and interests that I loved to be able to revise, this was from going out with friends or playing xbox BUT I had to make this sacrifice in order to work hard and concentrate a lot better on my subjects. I also thought about my future, and I thought that if I didn’t knuckle down then I would never get my grades and then would never get into university – and at the time thats where I wanted to be! So even though its hard, you have to manage your time well in order to be able to work and then reward yourself by playing. I would suggest making a timetable and include everything that happens in your life! Start off by adding your interests first as it is important to have fun! Then add your school timetable to it. Gradually in the spaces, you will find that it comes quite easily to fill in the missing spaces with revision. If you stick to this everyday then you will find yourself balancing your work load and having fun, which is essential!!

Not stressing about stress:

This might seem quite simple but I can tell you its not. As I said, A-Levels are a ¬†lot more intense than GCSE and therefore that means more stress…yay!! The workload becomes more with the same deadline meaning that more hard work has to be done. I can confidently say that over the two years I had A LOT of stress and worries and the occasional tear! To avoid this, I would say that make sure that you keep on top of all your work, I know its easy to say but honestly, this is the best way to have happy A-level life (if there is one!!) The worst thing that you can do is to continue stressing about things as it just makes it worse because then you becoming worried and this can make you lose track or focus on your studies. Keep calm and get all work done to the deadline and this way you should be able to avoid large amounts to stress!


This was a very key aspect of my A-level life as I loved to have colour co-ordinated everything and about a thousand folders!!¬† I would say that the number one most important¬†item would be a collection of ring binders. Im not even joking, but these saved my life and I literally had a folder for everything!! I found this the best way to keep every subject in order and labelled all of them. This kept everything in one place which meant I could find everything easily. Also, having your own space to keep everything too, I had an office in which I kept all of my A-Level work and never moved it out of there. This would mean that ALL of your belongings will be kept together so then you will be able to find everything! Also, I found that to colour co-ordinate my work really helped. I know some people don’t find this useful but depending on yourself, you might!

My folders!

Coping with exams and results:

This is the part of A-Levels that almost EVERYONE hates and believe me I understand why. I was never really any good in exams and honestly, it took so much work and focus for me to achieve well in exams. The best advice I can honestly say, is revise because you are never going to achieve the best you can without revising and this is where I fell in year 12. I did revise, but I know that I started way too late, meaning that I did actually fail all my AS levels and this honestly broke my confidence and I did think about leaving school, but then I thought that I would stick it out and I managed to turn my grades around in less than 1 year which I was thrilled about. Therefore, it shows that you CAN do anything when you put your mind to it and exams are no different!

AS results
A-Level results

So I hope that these tips and advice has helped you feel more prepared and gives you an insight into life in A-Levels. I would also recommend the¬†‘How to ace your A-Levels’ book which is¬†available on Amazon.¬†If you want any help or have any questions, please leave comments!!