Again, I’m not even going to say it this time….but it has been a while BUT I’m back lol .

So, we ALL know how hard it is to stay on a diet and to follow it religiously. We all have that cheeky biscuit here and there don’t we (and If you say you don’t, well I’m sorry but I don’t believe you!!!).

I’ve tried many diets in my time and yes, I am only 20 but I find it incredibly hard to keep my figure. I put weight on so easily so I have to really watch what I eat now-a-days. So, Im going to talk you through what I done to lose 2 stone in a month (you can decide if its a healthy way or not…but it definitely worked for me!).

After a rough few months, I think breaking up with my boyfriend really triggered the weight loss as I didn’t eat for 4 days, and after this I didn’t want to put the weight back on again. Also, I came off the contraceptive pill which I really think added to the weight because it well and truly f****d me!!


I know they say that you shouldn’t cut all of the carbs or all of the bad stuff you just need to limit yourself on them. Too much of anything is bad for you…we all know this but how many of us stick to it?!

I decided to cut out chocolate, crisps, potatoes and bread for 4 days a week in order to reduce bloating. This might not be a big thing for some, but I decided to cut out drinking beer, I didn’t drink a lot during the week, but it used to bloat me sooooo much so I just cut it out altogether.


Some people don’t count calories at all, which is totally fine, but I like to know exactly what I’m eating and how many. I like to use the FitBit app as I have a Fitbit flex, but also I just think its incredibly easy to use and you can track your sleep, periods (sorry lads), but its brill. During this period, I know its not very healthy, but I was eating around 500/600 calories a day. Mostly included fruit and some kind of dinner.


I have found the MOST amazing book to date for finding healthy meals. I used to look on BBC good food for my recipes but now its all changed. The Pinch of Nom book from Slimming World is honestly the best book I’ve ever used!! It has some amazing recipes, from breakfast, to lunch, Fake-aways and even some healthy baking. Head over to to find more recipes and to buy the book (its sooooo worth it). I’ll attach some pictures here of food I’ve cooked from it and some of my favourite recipes!!

I also use the Pinch of Nom food planner, which also includes a further 26 recipes, but I really think that planning your meals makes it easier to stick to them and you don’t snack (often…) Use this to help you cut down on what you’re eating and you will see results in no time at all!!

Go to youtube to see my week in Pinch of Nom recipes!


I actually hate the thought of going to the gym but I still try and drag myself there in order to tone up. Once I actually lost the weight I was determined not to put it back on again and if it meant going to the gym everyday, it was what I was going to do.

My gym routine is: warming up on the tredmill for 5 minutes with short 60 second bursts at full capacity and speed and repeat this for 15 minutes. Then, I will move to do some weights, chest and legs. Then finish with about 30 minutes of floor exercises for abs and other stuff. This is my favourite routine to do and I really feel it the next day which is obviously a good sign!!

Also, If I don’t have time to go to the gym or can’t get there, I tend to do Charlottes DVD at home because I find this works really well. I try and do this 4 times a week as well as going to the gym if I have the time. This DVD is bloody brilliant and I honestly think it works!


Once you get there the results and the feeling will be amazing. You will feel genuinely better in yourself and in your mental state, so don’t give up. When it gets tough, it means that its going well, you need to push yourself and never give up because one day you will get there and the results will be amazing!!! Document your progress too so you can see visual progress and know that what you’re doing is working.

I went from a size 12/14 to a size 8 again and I’ve never felt better now. You can work for it and you can do it, just believe in yourself.

Thank you my loves for reading, keep going!!

love u all, StilediVita xo