Down to Devon June 2017

Although it wasn’t abroad in the dazzling sun – my family and I were still excited to head down to Devon for a couple of days! I had recently finished my exams…finally! and was looking forward to a short break away! It was only 4 days so it wasn’t too long but just enough time to do the stuff that we wanted. We set off about 7:45am which was so early for both Becka and I! So we were on the move and obviously in the car I was annoying Becka because thats what I do best 🙂 We stopped at the service in Bristol so we could have breakfast at papa johns which was nice!


So, we arrived inCombe Martin, Devon at about half past 4 and the sun was beaming down although there was a lot of wind which actually did make it quite cold! We took a look around our lodges and there was a smugglers cove about 2 minutes away from us, so we walked down there! Later on that evening we went to Combe Martin village/town to find a restaurant, and not even joking there was 1. It was called pack ol’ cards and although it kinda looked run down…it was actually really nice! Not gunna lie, it was quite dead around the town so we went back and also Becka and I wanted to watch love island…to dads delight!








The next day, as we were in the middle of Combe Martin and Ilfracombe we decided to go to Ilfracombe during the day! We walked up the side of the rocks (if that makes sense) as we wanted to find the hidden tunnels, which funnily enough we had never found before! We stopped at a little cafe to have lunch and it was amazing!! After that we just walked around Ilfracombe and went in places such as, the aquarium and my personal favourite, the arcade! As there was no where much to eat in Ilfracombe so went to Woolacombe and took a brief walk around there…but on the way we saw a restaurant called Cook Island and it looked really cute so we decided to eat there! I had a salad because I actually reallyfancied that…for once, but it was delicious and definitely made a right choice.


The next day, and honestly what I was most excited about, we were going to the wildlife and dinosaur park at Combe Martin. Although we had been here before it was a while ago so we were excited to go back! The weather today was kinda okay but luckily not raining…well not yet anyway! We spent the whole day in the park and was doing things from going in the Ancient Egyptian temple to seeing the lions being fed – although I don’t agree with zoo’s the lion was cute, which I do hate to admit 🙁 After that we went back to the lodges where we were staying because it started to rain and we also had to decide where to eat that evening as we had only had lunch in the park! We decided to back to Ilfracombe and we took a walk round the harbour area and they had loads of cute fairy lights up, and I’m a sucker for fairy lights!! We went to a cute little restaurant called Smugglers and it was pirate themed but omg the food was amazing!

Thursday now, our full day here and I was actually quite sad to be leaving! As we stayed on Watermouth Lodges there was Watermouth castle whichwe decided to do on the last day but the weather was dreadful!! I mean, it started off okay but then the heavens opened and we were soaked and believe me, walking around Gnome lands in the rain was not what we imagined! Anyway, we were walking around the woodland area when we found an indoor soft ball thing? Not really sure what you can call it BUT it was so fun and we actually played for ages! We then went to watch a water fountain show because by this time is was proper raining…heavily! After that we left and made a dash back for the lodges because we actually got drenched! We went back to the pack ol cards that night to eat for our final meal and again it was lovely!

It was now leaving day 🙁 we had got up early so we could visit Lynmouth because they had a good golf course there that dad had played before so we wanted to go back there again! It was raining again and when playing golf my shoes were absolutely soaking! Obviously dad won and I came last 🙂 After that we went for a traditional Cornish pasty and then we were on our way back! We fell asleep in the car on the way back and in no time at all we were back! For me, Devon has always been a traditional holiday where we have been going many years and this holiday was no different!