Hearing Dog Day

Not a massive dog lover me, but I just couldn’t resist going to the late summer hearing dog event! I was sat at work bored out my mind on the till when I spotted a flyer at the end of it. It was for the next day but my dad and I were not doing anything so we decided to go!

The weather was good, well it held up for the majority of the day which was good. We arrived just after 11 as that was when it opened and we strolled around the area looking at all the different stalls. We walked around and suddenly we smelt….BURGERS!!! Not going to lie, I actually can’t resist a burger from a burger van because they are good and you know it too! 

We walked around again and then we went into the hearing dogs gift tent and obviously I bought something BUT it was for a good cause as it did go to the hearing dogs charities!! I also bought my nan a notebook because she always likes to use stuff like that! After that we sat and watched the shows that the dogs were performing and it was so cute! It just made me want a dog even more.

We weren’t there long, we left at about 2 because we had seen and done everything that we wanted to do! There were a couple of dog shows left but we had seen the ones that we wanted to like the dog with the cutest eyes! Overall, it was a good turnout for the hearing dog charity as there were many people that turned up which meant that more hearing dogs can be trained. This was the final dog show that we saw and all the dogs done like a cross over and it was actually quite impressive!!

Visit for more information on hearing dogs and how you guys can get involved too so you can give your bit to the world!! And also, if you ever get the chance I would suggest that you do go to a hearing dog event as it was remarkable to see how everyone comes together to support such a wonderful charity.

Also this puppy…OMG!!! He was so adorable and when we were talking to the owners they were saying that he was so tired because he’d been walking around all day and he all he was doing was trying to curl up and go to sleep!!! ADORABLE!!! <3