How to get ‘Interview chic’ | StilediVitaBlogs | BLOGMAS

Isn’t it so bloody difficult to know what to wear to an interview?? Don’t want to overdress it but then you don’t want anything which would give the wrong impression…do you know what I mean??

With men it is so easy to know what to wear, I mean men can literally wear a suit or shirt and tie and look acceptable for any occasion. Women however, its a little bit more tricky to pick out the right but appropriate outfit. I ALWAYS have trouble knowing what to wear…so this is where I come in because I finally feel like I’ve nailed it.

So after attending recent interviews and not having a clue what the work environment would be like I decided to go for a smart but casual approach. For my most recent interview, I opted for a smart frilly crop trouser from SheIn and just a plain black top from Primark. This is a very affordable hughstreet look and you can’t go wrong with it. To complete the look I just added my long cheque coat also from Primark (believe it or not) and was only £25!

So I really hope this has helped with what you can wear for your interviews when you get them. If like me, you’ve been struggling for many years of knowing what to wear then just click right here. You can’t go wrong in all black and a long stylish coat so get down to primark and grab yourselves some bargains xo