It’s not as it seems… | #OOTD

Welcome chums to my very first outfit post!! I have been inspired by these types of posts by the lovely @annaSaccone (she’s probably my favourite..) Anyway…back to why you’re here…I want to open your eyes to the world or normality and that is that you don’t have to wear posh expensive clothes to be stylish or popular or whatever you want to be (she says wearing a Gucci top BUT heres the secret…) I never really buy expensive clothes as I just don’t have the money (or sometimes see the point as you grow.) Of course I like to look and feel good but mostly I just wear whatever the hell I want to wear and I’m not going to lie, I don’t really care much what people think of my clothes…if I like it, I’m going to wear it. I’ll also let you into a little secret…when I took these photos at 8:30AM it smelt so bad of poo I had a little gag 🙂 xo

What I’m wearing…

  • Gucci top – Camden market £15 (or £340 from Gucci lol)
  • Raincoat – Topshop £15 (in the sale)
  • PomPom trainers – Primark £10
  • Bag – Primark £6
  • Belt – Primark £3
  • Watch – Avon £12
  • Heart necklace – Pandora (it was a present)
  • Leo Necklace – Anna Saccone (stillnest, again it was a present)
  • Nail Varnish – Ted Baker (another present ahahah!!)

I told you its not all it seems….

I did warn you…yes although you may think wow she’s got Gucci – you can now ask yourself…does she really? I know it may be fake BUT it looks good and honestly no one would ever know unless you said. I hope you guys like this post and hope its relatable and just shows that you don’t need expensive clothes to still have that item of clothing (if you get that haha!!)


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