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I’ve always been a big spender and one that money burns a hole in their pocket. I’ve always been like it and I’m not going to lie…I probably always will. 

BUT, I’ve managed to come up with come up with some advice and tips on how you can save money if you have spending problems… or as I like to call them ‘pleasurable purchases habits’ or PPB for short. So stick around if you want some help or if you are in desperate need of saving some money because you’re sick of spending your whole wage then you’re in the right place. 

Spend cash not always on card

So this probably sounds easier said than done as literally everything is done via card, or contactless or Apple Pay. Most companies now a days pay their wages on card as well and if you’re anything like me, you will rarely spend cash as we just have no need really. ANYWAY, my point being is that I give myself a weekly allowance in cash. When I get paid I draw out £20 for the week. If I don’t spend it then I can add it on to the following week etc. This is a great way for you to manage your money and for you to minimise your spending habits. You can allow yourself more on weekends if you’re going out as the weekends really tend to do it for me as I do love to go out. This actually means you can know what you’re spending your money on instead of tapping here there and everywhere!!

Keep a log book

Again this may seem silly as you might be thinking that you can keep an eye on your bank statement but its easy to get carried away when you don’t keep a track on your spending. I got this book from Wilkinsons and it has been a god send. This allows me to keep track of all my income and outgoings and then I know how much I have (or haven’t lol) got to spend! This is a great way in order to keep track of all your direct debits and regular payments which occur every month!!

Be strict on yourself

Ever the saying ‘treat yourself?’ well yeah same…because it happens a little bit too often and actually because it happened often, it wasn’t really a treat anymore was it. I plan out how much direct debits I’ve got coming out my account and then allow myself a certain amount each month. Sometimes you have to be hard on yourself as some months you’ll have more direct debits than others which is annoying but I’m afraid thats life and this is what its like being an adult (horrible isn’t it).

Welcome to Monzo…!

This is a beautiful little invention. Created to try and help you save money and I have to say…it actually does work. Monzo has its own bank account with sort code and account number. You get to create your own PIN number and its so easy to set up. All you have to do is download the Monzo app and follow the instructions. I really would highly recommend getting yourself one of these cards if you really want to track what your spending. The idea is that you transfer the money onto your card that you want for the month and then thats it so spend it wisely!!! 

If you want your very own Monzo card then stick around… because normally you have to wait for a week or two for a Monzo card BUT if you want your Monzo card without waiting then you’re in the right place. I’ve got one golden ticket which allows you guys to skip the waiting queue and get your card instantly!! Make sure you’re subscribed and like this video and leave a comment and the lucky person will be picked at random on Sunday!!!

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Thank you guys for reading and check out the video to go along with this where you can see me talk about all these things in more depth and all that jazz!! Hope you guys enjoyed and I really hope this was helpful xo 


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