So, yesterday (15th September 2017) I went to visit a psychic. And I know some of you will be thinking what the hell and others will be thinking hell yeah thats cool…and it was. Admittedly I was SO nervous before going that I was actually shaking!

Anyway, I went with Lydia, and she had been before so she had a rough idea about what was going to happen whereas I literally had none!! So, when we arrived we met Charlie, who was the psychic and she had two adorable dogs…getting off subject I know but they were cute!! Anyway, we had a cup of coffee in the kitchen and once that was made, we were ready to begin!

We sat at the dining room table in the dimmed living room and we were ready. Charlie first started with the readings and mediumism. There were so many overwhelming statements that Charlie made which made me emotions rocket! There were readings from me going travelling to my nan’s late husband coming through! It was such an overwhelming experience!! Lydia and I done it together so we were both in the room and she also had some people coming through!!

Charlie then got out the tarot cards and, not going to lie, this is what I was most nervous about! She started with Lydia as I was too scared to go first! After she had gone through Lydia’s tarot cards, it was my turn. At first, I was thinking that the things that Charlie was saying was not that accurate to me, BUT then, Charlie was pulling out cards after I had asked her some questions which were spot on. However, my cards were quite accurate and actually positive which is not something that I expected! Although I did get the death card, which is the card I was most worried about she said not to worry as it could mean the end of something like a job or relationship – so if you do go and get this I would think its not to worry!!

Overall, the experience was amazing and honestly looking back now I don’t know why I was so scared! Its hard to explain what Charlie did say to me as I feel it is an experience in which you need to go through in order to believe what I would tel you. Charlie was an amazing reader and I would definitely recommend her to absolutely anyone! She was so welcoming and loving that it made us both feel comfortable about being there. Honestly, if you have the chance I would 100% say that you SHOULD go and you can also record your experience which is great as you can listen to it back!!

If you do want to talk more to me about my experience then I am more than happy and you can contact me through any social media! Also, ill leave a link to Charlie’s page as I would highly recommend her to anyone! or

I hope you guys enjoyed this spontaneous blog post and do hope that some of you are inspired to go and see a psychic as it is an amazing experience! (sorry there are no pictures, its quite hard to know what pictures to use about a subject like this!!)