October Favourites 30.10.17

Welcome to another monthly favourites video/blog post which is basically what I have been loving this month!!

First of all is a hair oil from home bargains, I spotted this when I was buying some Aussie Shampoo and thought because my hair was quite dry then I would try it. To be honest, I didn’t see it being much good because, well it was from home bargains and was about £2 so I didn’t really think much of it. Oh how wrong I was…this oil was AMAZING!! So, you put it in when you have damp and when it dried…OH MY GOD! I was so happy with the results because of all the damage that my hair had been through I thought it was time to start taking care of it!

Not really what you think would be in favourites but here it is😂 this drink is literally my go to drink when I am at work. So it also doesn’t make sense to me that a little bottle is £1.09 and this big one is 79p???? And anyway bigger is better! I don’t know what I love about it I think it’s the fact that I love orange juice and it’s kind of that mixed with water?? I’m not sure how to describe it but I am in love with it and for those of you that haven’t tried it..well I suggest you do!!

Again, this boots moisturiser was about £1.50 and it works a treat. It was fragrance free so it was perfect and you literally couldn’t go wrong with it! It really does add moisture to your skin and I suffer from dry patches on skin on my face from where my make up dries out my face which is really not ideal, so finding this was perfect!!

Simlar and keeping in with moisturisers, this Garnier body moisturiser and I actually got this from co-op when it was on offer for £2, so I really couldn’t resist. I had not used this one before but I had used the summer body one, but as summer was coming to an end I thought I would try a new one. It made my skin soooo soft which is what I liked after all theres nothing better than getting into bed with soft skin against the duvet.

My candle collection is slowly spiralling out of control, wherever I go, I can’t not buy a candle. So, this first candle was one bought for me by my old work bosses and it is a white tea and birch candle which smells incredible. Its not quite as fresh as linen but it has a fresh smell about it! The next candle is the pink grapefruit and mango one from House of Fraser and my sister had a diffuser in this and whenever she went out I used to take it because I just loved the smell! This candle was actually a present for my birthday and I have actually started burning it and it smells divine!! This last candle was from Poundland actually to my greatest surprise as I thought that they wouldn’t smell that nice…because it was a pound BUT I think this candle is amazing. The flavour is ‘pink fizz’ and it makes it smells so amazing and can’t wait to light it!!


Thank you guys for reading my October favourites (sorry its late!!) To see more go over to my youtube channel and watch my favourites video over on my youtube channel and don’t forget to like and subscribe!! Thanks for all your support!