Prosecco Lunch and Cooking with Kids

It’s not as bad as it sounds…or is it?! It was certainly an enjoyable but different experience!!

My aunty and I have always been close, and almost every half term I would be up at her house in London but this year, due to me and also her working, it had been very hard to find time for each other! After my aunty watched my Halloween Cupcake vlog ( she wanted me to make some cakes for her!!

I headed up to London about 11am and finally got there just after 1pm and I was starving!! I met my aunty at her house and we almost went straight out for some lunch down in Crouch End. Crouch End is in walking distance so we took a nice walk down there and having a catch up along the way! We went in a cute little pub for some lunch and we both had the chargrill chicken burger! We also had a cheeky bottle of prosecco as well just to make the lunch perfect! After we had eaten and chatted some more we headed back her house so we could bake some yummy cakes!!

We got back and all of my aunty’s children had come back from their afternoon activities too – Reggie and Eddie and their friend too. We laid all our ingredients out and attempted to make some cakes! Im not going to lie…it wasn’t easy but it certainly was very entertaining!! It took a lot longer than expected to make the cakes but we got there in the end!!

To see the real fun and drama, go over to youtube and watch my video on Prosecco Lunch and Cooking with Kids to see how it really went;) It was certainly a fun day and everyone at the party enjoyed the cakes!