September Favourites 30.09.17

Want to know my favourite things this month? Well you’re in the right place…keep reading to know my fave things 🙂

So my first and all time favourite is the Aussie Shampoo and conditioner. I typically like to use the miracle moist one because I find that this works the best on my type of hair…which, not going to lie is quite damaged from all the bleach that I have used! Honestly, this shampoo has changed my life, I have used many shampoo’s and conditioners in the past and at first they leave my hair feeling moisturised but not the day, my hair started to feel dry again. Also, this shampoo is affordable, if you go to the right places though. I normally tend to get the pair from http://www.homebargains.co.uk where you can get both bottles for around £4 which is amazing value for the amazing outcome of the shampoo!

Again, another favourite (and has been for a long time) is the Garnier Micellar cleansing water in either the pink top bottle or the green one – I like both equally as much! For a long time I had been using face wipes to get all my make up off and then…I discovered micellar water – I don’t know how or where I first started using it, BUT it changed everything. I found that with face wipes that they can be quite oily or don’t quite remove all your make up but when I used micellar water it removed all my make up, left my face feeling clean and far from oily! Ive been using micellar water for about a year now I think and honestly would recommend it anyone!! You can get it from all leading retailers such as boots, Superdrug and any supermarkets!!

Right so next favourite is the Naked Ultimate basic palette. I know this is not the newest palette but it is one of my personal favourites because I love the nude colours in it. Im not one to really wear bright colours on my eyes and especially now as were heading into autumn, nude colours are just perfect!! This palette is part of the Urban Decay branch so you might have some idea of the price but these palettes make great Christmas or birthday presents and you can wear the colours everyday without looking OTT!!








A terramundi pot. Yes, a terramundi pot. This is different…but they are amazing! I received this for my birthday from my sister as, yep you guessed, I cannot save any money!!! I love it because its bright colours and stands out! I’m actually going to try and save some money, hopefully as I would like to go on a holiday next year and with no money that’s going to be fairly impossible. Again, these also make great gifts for Christmas and birthdays and they are a great way to save money! Although, you do have to smash it when it gets full or when you want the money out… which I’m actually pretty gutted about 🙁

My absolute favourite are fairy lights. In every sense, fairy lights are amazing. In every situation, get ya some fairy lights!! I just feel like fairy lights are perfect because you don’t have to turn the big light on but they give you enough light in a room. They also make the room look cosy!! These pink fairy lights are from primark and I don’t normally tend to buy battery operated fairy lights because I do forget to turn them off or the batteries run out about a day later but I just couldn’t resist these. At the moment, my favourite colour is pink and pink fairy lights? Well why not and for just £2.00 I couldn’t say no!







My final favourite, and also a bit of a weird favourite I guess?? But it is Corsydil daily mouthwash which is a little different to the original mouthwash as you can use this mouthwash everyday. I’ve always had trouble with my teeth, ever since I got my brace on – which lasted for 5 years which trust me, was a nightmare. I’ve tried a few of the corsydil products like the toothpaste and the original mouthwash but this mouthwash was the better of the two. It has a mint flavour so its not disgusting and also you can use it everyday which means that it doesn’t damage your teeth and therefore it works wonders!!

So, that concludes my favourites for September, quite a weird bunch of favourites but they all work for me!! I hope you enjoyed this blog post and from now on, on the 30th of every month there will be a favourites post of whats currently in season and what my favourites are!!! Thank you guys, Lauren x x