Small Homeware Haul 2017 | StilediVita

Welcome back guys!! This week is all about the bits and pieces that I’ve picked up this week so I could get started on the conservatory!

So, this blog post will be relatively short as there is a video on my channel – so I suggest that you watch that, it’s a good one!! 

So the bits I managed to pick up are all from local high street stores and are easily affordable! 

I started in Primark as I had seen a blanket and cushions and little bits that I liked so I went back to get them! (I forogt to record in primark I can’t remember why..sorry!!) I decided my theme for the conservatory would be grey and pink and so I went for a grey throw and pink cushions! I also saw this amazing wire light (£5) which I thought would look really effective on the side! Keeping with the wire theme I also found a copper candle holder with candle (£4) which I thought would you look really effective on the side and would give a warm glow to the room! Next, I opted for the fake plants (I can’t really keep real ones alive😂) these were only £2.50 and I thought they were really cool as they were sparkly!! That was all I bought from primark just to get started with as I just wanted some basics before I got the rest of the bits! 

Next we travelled over to Dunelm and Home Bargains – my fave!! We only really went to dunelm to have a look for some curtains but they weren’t the right size. So over to home bargains!!!! As always we picked up a basket and started to shop🙃 there wasn’t much in the way of decor for the conservatory but obviously I managed to find loads of other bits. First I picked up this charcoal toothpaste which I have seen so many people use and the results look amazing so I thought I would try it (update coming soon). I also got some Christmas stuff – I know it’s early but I can’t resist Christmas! I got some Christmas sprinkles for all the baking that I love to do and also a Christmas Eve pack?? I don’t want to say too much as I don’t want to ruin vlogmas/blogmas for you!!! 

Video to be found here: don’t forget to like and subscribe!! Thanks friends hope you enjoyed it x x