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I was so excited today because it was a day which had been a long time coming! Since June actually…not going to lie, I had forgotten about it a couple of times because of how busy I’d been but now it was finally here and I couldn’t wait!!

My father and I got up early and got ready and headed over to London for an exciting day! We arrived in London about 1pm and we firstly got off at Oxford Circus and headed over to liberties because my dad wanted to show me all the Christmas stuff and obviously I can’t not look at Christmas stuff!! I love it! We walked around Liberty’s and it took us about half an hour in total so we still had plenty of time to kill before we were meeting Becka.

We then headed over to John Lewis to look at their Christmas stuff and also to go onto the roof garden! We ended up going on the roof garden first because Dad missed the Christmas  floor… I love the roof garden as you can see over London and its just incredible! We didn’t get a drink as it was only cocktails and as we hadn’t really eaten much we didn’t want to drink!!


When it was finally time to eat we headed over to five guys as, yes I was starving!!! I don’t see Five Guys as fast food (although it is) but I see it as a ‘posh’ fast food which is actually so delicious! If you haven’t tried it…I suggest that you do, there is literally a Five Guys everywhere now!

We then headed over to Brixton to meet Becka. The journey looked like it would take forever but actually it only took about 20 minutes. After waiting for about half an hour for Becka to make her way across London from work it was about 7pm now!

We walked down Brixton High Street and made our way to the O2 Academy as we were going to see London Grammar!!!

This was the present that my sister and I had got for Dad for fathers day and it had finally come around! London Grammar is one of my Dad’s favourite bands so we were excited for him to see them live finally!! The concert was amazing and Hannah had the vo ice of an angel!!! If you get the chance, I would definitely recommend that you see London Grammar! It was such a lovely day to spend with the family and was so glad that my dad enjoyed it!!

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