#TBT Being In A Happier Place

Whilst the seasons are becoming much more Autumnal and I am stuck in a world of work, I often like to reflect on my time in the snowy mountains in Italy and also Spain! I was lucky enough to go skiing through my school for 2 years in a row and, not exaggerating but it was the one of the most amazing opportunities that I had!!


Shortly after Spain, we had to put our deposits down for the next ski trip…which to my delight was Italy!! I had always wanted t go to Italy and so after trying to persuade my dad to let me go, he finally came round! I was so excited to go and this year it was Emma, Lydia and I which made it even better! So this coach journey was longer…in fact it was 25 hours, which yes, was indeed a painful journey to endure. So after travelling through Switzerland we were finally there! If you thought the views in Spain were amazing, then wait till you see the Italian Mountains. Im not going – they literally took my breath away, they were incredible. So it was the same routine as in Spain so we were pretty used to getting up early! I do have to admit, the slopes and mountains in Italy were so much better than in Spain!

The day we got there we pretty much just got all of our boots, helmets and ski’s sorted so we were ready for the morning after! So…day1 now! We woke up at like 7 which was early for all of us but it was surprisingly easy to get up because we were excited! We were placed in our groups and there were about 4 which were ranked from most experienced to not skiing before! Before I knew it we were going up button lifts and chair lifts to reach the most beautiful destinations of the mountains! The first day was so cloudy so you couldn’t really see out across the mountains as we were basically skiing in the clouds and it stayed like that for the whole day! However, the next day was brighter and the sun was shining even though it was still freezing!! We basically done the same thing today but tried some more challenging slopes like the red runs which were steeper and required more control! That night we went into the town to try curling – a sport which I had always seen and laughed at to be honest and now I was playing it!! Surprisingly it was harder than it looked and the ice was so slippery I kept falling over!!

The next day, again was super cloudy, but this time it was worst than the first day! It was impossible to see anything so we had to ski close to each other otherwise we wouldn’t find each other again and to be honest it was quite dangerous but it was also quite fun?? In the afternoon the clouds lifted and we went right to the top of the mountains to the black runs. I was actually terrified because they were so steep and so high that I thought I was just going to stack it! however, we started at the top and slowly but surely we made it down and this time we went right down to the little Italian village which was at the bottom of the slopes. This was probably my most favourite run that we ever did in Italy as it was just such a pretty atmosphere and it was so calm to be skiing down that I was really enjoying myself and not thinking about anything else!!! We had to get the gondola back up to the top which actually took about half an hour as we were right down the bottom and the hotel was halfway up the slope!! Finally, the last day soon rolled around and we had 2 hours of skiing in the morning and then we were leaving in the afternoon which was actually really sad 🙁 About 4pm we set off for our 25 hour journey back to the UK!! A week soon passed and by this time we didn’t want to go, although some of us were ready to leave and be back in our own beds!!

The ski trip had been an amazing experience and something that I wouldn’t change for the world. They were such beautiful places where it was a pleasure to ski and be apart of the community and culture for that week! I had had such an amazing time skiing and honestly would recommend that if you ever get the chance to go skiing then take the opportunity and take it! Experience the world and just try something new because you never know, you might love it just like we did!

Thank you guys for reading hope you enjoyed it! – Check out my week in pictures here: https://youtu.be/8dCI58YJSCU