#TBT Prom 2015 vs Prom 2017

Where do I begin?! So much has changed between prom 2015 and prom 2017 and a lot more than getting older each year.

At the end of year 11 (2015) I had a great group of friends and many of them friends I am still very close to today but also saw who were the people who would stick around for me, and for that I am grateful.

As I said a vast amount has changed and looking back through old prom pictures from year 11 and oh my god..I just see such a difference from within myself. I picked a purple dress because at the time, it was my favourite colour and the jewels on it, well you can never go wrong with a bit of tack and I am the queen of tack so👸🏼 Alongside that, I also look at my make up and well, that’s just a different story. All my friends had such beautiful make up and such glimmering eyelashes and then there was my stumpy eyelashes because I couldn’t put them on 😂 anyway…fast forward two years and here my beautiful friends are with their eyelashes and me still having no clue how to put them on. That aside, I definitely think – I may be wrong – that this years prom m
ake up was actually half decent compared to year 11…






I don’t know why or how we managed to do it each time, but the locations of prom were just…well prom in year 11 was at Missenden Abbey and as classy as ever, all of our group turned up in Neales Taxi, which in all honesty I wouldn’t have it any other way because it just summed us up😂 keeping with tradition, in year 13 prom we done the same thing, only a little more of us and a lot more alcohol🍸

Although you do tend to look forward to year 11 Prom, as we all did, it just didn’t feel as heartwarming as the last. I made some absolute wonderful friendships in the sixth form and people that I still talk and see today. As we had already been on study leave for a while, it felt amazing to see everyone again and just have a general catch up! We all got ready and tonnes of pictures taken before heading off! The pre of prom was actually better than prom..don’t know about anyone else but that’s how I felt! I think, personally for me it was worse as I couldn’t drink, obviosuly because I wasn’t 18 at the time but it was still good to see people.

Seeing the changes from year 11 to year 13 has been amazing and I have not only grown as a person, but also watched my friends grow into amazing people. We have shared so many memories and ones that I will keep forever.

The past 2 years of sixth form had been tough but it was a real journey with people that I am so glad I shared it with. I really hope everyone that went to uni is doing well and for those that didn’t, let’s just keep doing what we’re doing!!! 💗