Trying Something New!

For so long I have wanted to have a healthier lifestyle, and not just in the food aspect but in every aspect – food; exercise and sleep!!

I was always into doing exercise (apart from pe at school😂) but I would quite often go for runs and when Charlotte Crosby brought her DVD out I was doing that!! I also had a Fitbit which also motivated me to do fitness and make sure that I got enough sleep.

Over the past year and having to work more frequently at awkward hours it became quite hard to fit everything in and also having a boyfriend doesn’t help as we love to eat out 🙂
So, in order to try and have a healthier lifestyle these are a couple of things that I try to do to maintain this.

1. As soon as I wake up, I try and get up without checking my phone for a good half an hour. It has been proven that checking your phone first thing in the morning can actually make you feel more tired during the day. 📱

2. I have a glass of lemon water before I have my coffee! This is a great way of staying hydrated and also it meant to be good for your pores and help to keep your skin clear! 🍋

3. I have a healthy breakfast which can include many different things from: egg and soldiers, avacado on toast, bear alpha bites, blueberry pancakes, fruit with yoghurt. I find that these are all very filling and because breakfast is the most important meal it’s important to eat a substantial breakfast to keep you doing!! 🥑🥝🍓🍍

4. Drink water throughout the day. I recently experienced an incredibly bad headache – this doesn’t do it justice but it was so painful, so from now on I try and drink at least 8 glasses / bottles of water a day to make sure that I am hydrated and never experience that headache again!! 🥛
5. When I am not working and when I don’t start at awkward hours, I am going to start going on runs every other day and also do Charlotte’s DVD on the alternate days. This will help me to maintain stamina and also become more fit!! ⚽️🏊🏻⛹🏻‍♀️

6. It is important not to cut out ALL the bad stuff! Yes, chocolate and sweets are bad if you eat too many, but you need to have a balanced diet to be healthy. So don’t worry about having the occasional sweet or chocolate and definitely don’t skip dessert (I never do🍰)

So I hope this gives you guys some tips on what you can do to maintain and have a healthier lifestyle! And don’t forget to have a cheat day! Mine is Sunday when my boyfriend and I literally eat everything!!! I hope this helps!! X x
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