Welcome back all my fellow friends to my blog, I know its been a while! I’m not going to lie to all, I’ve been struggling a bit recently. I have been working so much that I’ve quite literally exhausted myself! BUT, I am back for good now in 2020!!!! (I know you’re all probably thinking well i’ll believe that when I see it, and quite rightly so). If you want to stay more up to date then head over to my youtube:

ANYWAY, lets get started…a subject which could often be seen as touchy but for me, I love talking about it. I always like to think of myself a body positive because if you don’t love your body then how will anyone else.

Around this last time last year, I was pushing on 12 stone and wearing a size 12 clothes, which is not a problem at all, but I never noticed my weight gain. For me, even as a child, I haven’t put on weight and I was always known as the ‘twig’ and the one that could eat what she wants and not put any weight on…well it finally caught up with me. I was not happy in myself and I do put a lot of this down to how I looked. I was so unhappy in whatever I wore, standing next to my friends and just everything. I lost about 4 stone in just over a week, which trust me is probably not healthy, but things happened so fast in my life that I never even realised it. I have targeted the 3 main points as to which I think my weight gain stems from…

Here, I choose to share my very personal photos with you all to show the progress of my unexpected weight loss, so please, I’m not here for the negativity and I only want to hear positive comments pls!!!

Before at 12 stone
Before at 12 stone

The Pill

The pill absolutely f****d me. Like seriously. I hated it and everything about it, but I felt like I needed to take it. I was firstly on Levestt, which is where I first started to gain weight on. It made me psychotic, honestly!! I then switched pills and went onto Noriday – which was better and I felt a whole lot better mentally, but physically I was still gaining weight because I had an increased appetite. After a few events that happened in my sad little life, I decided to come off the pill and that was where the magic happened. My weight fell off me. Not filling your body with all these hormones was just so much better for me, I felt so much better in my mental state and also my physical state. If I was to go back on birth control again I would definitely reconsider taking the pill and would probably opt for an option like the implant – but please seek medical advice!!!


Everyone loves a relationship BUT it is no secret that they make you F.A.T. It’s definitely a mixture of things, like its fun to eat out together (if you have a dirty mind…stop that, this is PG!!!!!), get takeaways, eat chocolate in bed, cinema snacks and oh my god, the list is endless!!! Anyway, my boyfriend and I enjoyed the takeaway more than once a week and we quite regularly dined out…. It all adds up and I just kept piling on them pounds baaaaaaby!!! Of course, I’m not blaming all my weight gain on my relationship but it was a contributing factor, still loved my food and it didn’t stop me lol. I was normally the one asking to eat out or get a takeaway too, so I only have myself to blame!! You definitely start to comfort eat though, as we were so comfortable around each other, we just ate what we wanted, which is how it should be!!! After a rough couple of months with my boyfriend, I stayed in bed and didn’t eat for about 4 days because I just had a lot occupying my mind that I kind of just ‘forgot’ to take care of myself. I ended up losing about 4 stone in just over a week and BOY could you see the difference. I went from 12 stone to just over 8 stone, which is what I currently am.

Being a MASSIVE foodie and spiralling out of control…

I. LOVE. FOOD. I can’t help myself when it comes to food. I love all the worst food too, like cheese, chocolate and just general feel good food. I knew that I had to cut this down if I wanted to get anywhere lol. After doing boombod I found it easier to cut down on my portions. After, the things that happened with my boyfriend and I lost all the weight, I wanted to keep it off because I now LOVED the way that I looked. I had my shape back and my long lost figure. I’m in now way saying that there is anything wrong with being bigger but it just wasn’t for me and I just didn’t like myself how I was. I felt so uncomfortable in myself and my confidence just disappeared, through no fault but my own! I finally found peace within myself and the way that I looked.

To cut a long few months short, and to save your pretty little eyes time reading, we will cut to hear and now. I have now found a new found confidence within myself and with my body which I now love. I have the confidence to wear things that I would have NEVER dreamed about wearing again because I just never thought that I would be a size 6 again. I have to admit, it feels good for me. It feels good for me to FINALLY have my confidence back and for me to feel like I can wear whatever the hell I want to wear. The moral of this and why I am telling you this story is because I want you all to know that its okay whatever size you are. I want you guys to be on my journey with me, even though it might not have been the healthiest way to lose weight, I feel so much more confident now than I have ever done! I now have a steady diet and eat whatever the hell I want to eat!! Recently its been LOADS of creme eggs….can’t get enough of them tbh! Being happy within yourself is such a big thing and if you’re not happy within yourself or cannot find peace with yourself then how do you expect to be happy. Be happy with what you have whilst working towards what you want.

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Love you all

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